Week Forty Ends

Last Thursday went quite well. I began the day with a slight deviation to my two cups of black coffee routine. Since I’ve been well below my caloric intake, I decided to add in some half and half; two tablespoons to be exact. It was a nice change and put my morning coffee at (50cal) instead of the usual ten. I was a bit peckish around noon, so I indulged myself in about 57g of sliced pastrami (130cal). Had I known it was so high in calories, I would have eaten some turkey. For dinner, it was a Braised Beef Lean Cuisine (240cal) along with a nice salad of 123g baby greens (29cal), 90g Roma tomato (16cal), 40g crumbled feta (85cal), mixed with 2T salad dressing (25cal). The Lean Cuisine was actually very good. Lots of beef strips in a spicy sauce and a generous portion of sweet potato mash. My total day consisted of 575 calories.


2 thoughts on “Week Forty Ends

  1. Now thats a good fast day Bob . (except for the pastrami… i guess in my mind any kind or preserved/cold meat is a no no on fast day maybe too cause of the extra salt it would inevitably have) i reckon a grilled chicken breast (prepared fresh not as sliced chicken breast from a deli) would be better.

    Something i noticed Bob.. your posts have no date stamp. is this deliberate.?

    btw you definitely sound like you have your positive spirit back.

    • Hi Juliana,
      I must admit that the pastrami was in a temporary moment of weakness but it was soooooo yummy. 🙂
      As for the date stamp, I thought that they were stamped when posted. I’ll include the date I fasted within the text or in the title.
      Thank you, as always, for your valued input.

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