Week Forty-One (20 January)

I’m sitting here happily with a belly full of deliciousness, having just finished the most delightful dinner. Mmmmm. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

This morning was 2C coffee with 2T half & half (50cal). I was a bit hungry throughout the day but I held out so as to get all my kcals from dinner. Now on to the good stuff. I made a sort of stewed cabbage, celery and onion thingy that was out of this world. It was so good, I ate almost a half kilo of the stuff; 484g to be exact. It was only (234 cal). On the plate, along side the cabbage was 200g boiled and peeled beet slices (88cal). There is nothing like fresh cooked  beets served warm. I also had a chicken breast, which was seasoned and grilled. The cooked weight was 100g and gave my an additional (175 cal).

I wish I had taken a picture; Sliced chicken breast, a huge pile of cooked cabbage and fresh cooked beets. What a perfect way to fill up with fresh, delicious food. I am so thankful for the ability to cook.

Tomorrow, when I get home from work, I will weigh in. Since this will be posted tonight, the weight will be edited in later.

Good night all and we’ll see you tomorrow afternoon, Pacific time. 🙂

*Weight update – I am once again below 136 (135.9kg) or 299.5lbs. And no, Juliana, no gassy aftereffects from the cabbage. 😉

One thought on “Week Forty-One (20 January)

  1. Hope the half a kilo of cabbage didnt affect you in an “other way”.. im a cabbage fanatic too and remember my childhood of something we called goulash but was made of cabbage, speck (bacon) and onion and stock. Something my mum made and will always remember well My family doesnt really take to the dish so i rarely prepare it.

    And as for beets. yum. another childhood memory in the form of Borstch. so good

    So pleased to see your positive spirit back Bob

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