Week Forty-One Ends (23 Jan)

I must be going through a lentil phase because I made another batch of Red Lentil Soup. It was fantastic.

I boiled 300g rinsed red lentils in 8.5L of water until they were cooked ~ 20 minutes. In another pan I toasted 1 tablespoon of each: cumin seed, fennel seed, fenugreek seed and black mustard seed for about a minute. To the spices, I added 250g sliced onion and a splash of water to get them cooking, then covered to let them sweat. After 5 minutes, more or less, I added 2T curry powder and let this cook for another minute, then added 335g chopped roma tomatoes and 2 tsp chopped garlic. The entire contents was added to the lentils, along with 150g shredded carrot and 1 bunch of coarse chopped cilantro ~70g. The pot was put to simmer for around 30 minutes and I added salt to taste; for me this was about 4 teaspoons. You may prefer more or less. The entire batch of soup weighed 3.2kg and at 1428 calories for the entire thing, it was only 0.45 calories per gram.

The day began with 2C coffee and 2T half & half (50cal). For dinner there were two bowlfuls of lentil soup, at 475g each, for only 424 calories. Along with the soup, I made baked squash with onion and celery; 150g of this was only 66cal. Had it not been for the half and half, today would have been vegan. I’m not going that direction because I enjoy meat far too much but on fasting days, the amount of food one can eat when no meat is involved, is substantial. In fact, I believe I’ll have another 125g of the squash right now. This will bring my daily total to 595 calories. Right were I need to be.



One thought on “Week Forty-One Ends (23 Jan)

  1. YUUUUUUUUUUM to the recipe. Have you tried crushing cumin and coriander seeds fresh in a mortar and pestle I found it makes a huge difference to anything that otherwise would use just a store bought curry powder. and some cardomon seeds too crushed fresh. plus some turmeric powder. Sometimes i go half half with a ready made curry powder and the fresh made spices.worth the extra time

    595 calories for the day is just perfect for a fast day! well done Bob.

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