Week Forty-Two Complete (30-January)

I’m finding it an interesting phenomenon. I both look forward to fasting days and don’t look forward to fasting days. The other day (Wednesday), I was bemoaning the upcoming day of self-denial but enjoy the fact that eating does not control me anymore. Now I’m sitting here typing away, having finished a nice dinner, looking forward to tomorrow’s feed day. I can’t say that these fast days are any easier with time but they are certainly part of my lifestyle. I can’t imagine life without these days of calorie restriction.

I purposely skipped writing this past Tuesday because I had only lost 180 grams and was a bit blue but that’s OK; I’m here now. Regardless of my feelings, 5:2 is here to stay and I can’t imaging what life would be like without the structure involved.

My menus this week were: Monday – 2C black coffee (10cal), 475g Lentil soup (212cal), 255g roasted onion, celery and squash mix (99cal). Totaling 321 kcal.

Thursday – 2C coffee with 2T half & half (50cal), Chili Lime Chicken Lean Cuisine (240cal) and 300g cooked beets (132cal). Totaling 422 kcal.

I’m gearing up for a disappointing weigh in but maybe I’ll be surprised. The Super Bowl is on the telly this Sunday, and while I don’t give a hoot who wins, it’s a fun time to get together with friends and eat. Hopefully I will exercise some self-control but that may or may not happen. Either way, it should be a fun day.

Cheers all.


3 thoughts on “Week Forty-Two Complete (30-January)

  1. If you don’t care about Superbowl teams I’ll make you an honorary Seahawk ๐Ÿ™‚ Feel free to root for them ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hey there.. Wondering if 321 kcal and 422kcal is just too little for you for fast days. i.e your body is going into the “famine” effect often cited on the 5:2 forum. In other words you are sacrificing food too much to the detriment of both your satiety on fast days and weight loss target. Also maybe you need to recalculate TDEE to make sure you are consuming at least 25% of this.
    180g is 180g and is the right direction.

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