Forty-Five Weeks Done…I’m Still Learning

Sometimes life teaches us lessons that appear to be counter intuitive. For instance, take weight loss. It should be a simple formula: eat less food (reduce caloric intake) = a reduction in weight. There seems to be a caveat in this formula. If you reduce your food intake too much, you will lose weight but it will cease before you’d like it to. I have found this out through trial and error (and my friend Juliana). It seems as though my  body was going into ‘famine’ mode due to the fact that I was not eating enough. Who would have thought that I needed to eat more food in order to lose weight? This is exactly what has happened. On Tuesday, I weighed in at 134.4kg and that is a reduction of 860 grams, which I am quite happy about.

Speaking of eating more, my two previous menus were: Monday – I began with 2c black coffee (10cal). For dinner I splurged and ate two Lean Cuisines (250cal and 240cal). With still more calories needed, I ate a delightful salad; 85g baby greens (20cal), 150g red bell peppers (46cal), 115g sliced cucumber (14cal), and 1.5T salad dressing (19cal). This brought me to a grand total of 598 calories.

Today, Thursday, I had my usual 2C black coffee (10cal) for breakfast. I was quite hungry by dinnertime, so I opted for a heavier amount of protein. Dinner consisted of 358g broiled Tilapia filets (358cal) and 200g steamed broccoli/cauliflower mix (47cal). Being ~175 calories short, I needed more food. This called for dessert, which was 215g of Braeburn apple slices (112cal) and one Helado frozen Lime juice bar (60cal) for a grand total of 587 calories.

Hopefully my downhill trend will continue as I work this 5:2 as it is suppose to be worked.

Until next week, thank you for stopping by.



So Ends the Forty-Forth Week of Fasting

Having gone back and re-read my last post, it seem that I was remiss in marking down my weight. Please forgive me. As of the eleventh, my weight is 135.8kg. That is a 360 gram reduction from the week prior. I believe that Juliana was right (once again) and I was consuming too few calories. My body was going into famine mode and my metabolism slowed way down to accommodate the lack of calories. Now that I’m eating more, I have once again begun to lose. What a concept?!?! Looking back over the past year, I fear that it was the fasting days where nothing was consumed but water, that threw me of track. However, I’m back and on the weigh down 😉

Now I will relate my menu for the past two fasting days.  On 10-February, I began my day with 2C black coffee (10cal). For dinner, I ate a great big salad, which consisted of 100g baby greens (24cal), 97g roma tomato (17cal), 78g crumbled feta (165cal), 2T salad dressing (25cal), 138g diced red bell pepper (42cal) and topped with 78g sliced pepper turkey breast (70cal). At this point, all I had eaten was 353 calories…sooooo, I ate more food. This consisted of a small yogurt (80cal) and a pepper turkey breast wrap. The wrap was on a low cal wheat tortilla, 2tsp mustard, and 94g pepper turkey breast (164cal). All in all, there was 597 calories consumed.

As for today (13 Feb), the menu was much easier. For breakfast there was 2C coffee (10cal) with 2T half & half (40). For dinner I ate two Lean Cuisine dinners. One was 260cal and the other was 320cal.  Total calories were 630. This is a tad more than I would have liked but I don’t think an overage of 30 calories will do any damage.

Thank you all for stopping by and we’ll see you next week. Oh by the way, life has become a little too hectic to post twice a week, so I’ll try to update either Thursday or Friday my time; that’s West coast of the United States.


Week Forty-Three Ends

The funniest/strangest thing happened this morning. It hasn’t happened in all of the ten and one-half months since I have been doing this 5:2 thing. This morning, when I woke up, I forgot that it was a fasting day and ate a rather large breakfast. Ooops. 🙂

Having spoken with Juliana and reading about the potential for consuming too few calories, I feel that that has been the culprit in my lack of weight loss. That won’t be the case today.

For today’s breakfast, I had two delicious breakfast burritos. I fried two eggs over hard and placed them, one each on a tortilla, that had 1oz of ham and a bit of mayonnaise. They were fantastic. I also had 2C coffee with 2T half and half. In total, I had 740 calories.