Fast 101 Complete

I know it’s been forever since I last wrote but there has been nothing to write. Anything would have been forced and I just can’t do that to you fine folks.

Yes, as the title says I am just now finishing my 101st fast. I am nowhere near where I had hoped to be when I began this venture nearly one year ago. However, I will continue to fast twice a week. Although I’ve been meeting my 500-600kcal goals, I’m not losing any weight. I still need to get in to see a GP for blood work but that is quite low on my list of things to do.

Since getting a new job, my schedule has been more hectic and finding time to prepare low-cal meals has not been easy. As of late, I have been eating a variety of Lean Cuisines, along with salads and veg. This is another reason I have been hesitant to post; no yummy recipes.

Since I began my new job, my work schedule has been quite erratic and getting to the gym was just not possible. Now, it seems, that my schedule has been steady, I will begin working out three times per week. Perhaps the weight will begin to shed after that.

I hope you all, wherever you may be, are doing well and as per usual, thank you for stopping by.



2 thoughts on “Fast 101 Complete

  1. Hi Bob Good to see you posting again. Have you been reading in the forums about “fasting windows” .. not for me im afraid but for some it seems to be giving people a bit of a push along the weight loss journey.. Otherwise known as 16:8; 19:5 or fast-5.. some even do it every day. For me that would be torture but wondering if mixing and matching with that method could assist Bob.

    hope the new job is treating you well.. even it is erratic.

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