Week Forty Ends

Last Thursday went quite well. I began the day with a slight deviation to my two cups of black coffee routine. Since I’ve been well below my caloric intake, I decided to add in some half and half; two tablespoons to be exact. It was a nice change and put my morning coffee at (50cal) instead of the usual ten. I was a bit peckish around noon, so I indulged myself in about 57g of sliced pastrami (130cal). Had I known it was so high in calories, I would have eaten some turkey. For dinner, it was a Braised Beef Lean Cuisine (240cal) along with a nice salad of 123g baby greens (29cal), 90g Roma tomato (16cal), 40g crumbled feta (85cal), mixed with 2T salad dressing (25cal). The Lean Cuisine was actually very good. Lots of beef strips in a spicy sauce and a generous portion of sweet potato mash. My total day consisted of 575 calories.


Week Forty!!

It’s hard to imagine that I’m in the middle of the fortieth week of fasting. Just thirty more fasts (two per week) and it will be one year. What a journey; ups and downs but ever pressing onward. A friend of mine, whom I shared 5:2 with six to seven months ago, told me last night that this WOL has saved his life. He was most grateful and I was delighted.

Now on to the meat of the matter. Having resigned not to weigh in over the holidays might have been a good idea. The last weight I recorded was 138.8kg (306.1lbs), which was on 17 December. With a bit of encouraging from Juliana, I stepped on that scale yesterday and much to my surprise, I had lost 2.5kg (5.5lbs). While I never ceased from my fasting days during the last month, many of the feed days were quite indulgent. However, I lost 2.5 kilos during the holidays! That is pleasing indeed.

Also, there are a few details that I would like to mention. If you have been following me for any time now, you’ve seen that I began to dabble in adding a 16:8 lifestyle onto my feeding days. For those unfamiliar with 16:8, it is simply eating all your meals within an eight hour window, while fasting during the other sixteen, This has proved to be more than I can manage for no other reason than I forget. I’ll wake in the morning hungry, so brekky is eaten at 7:30. This means that dinner should be consumed before 15:30, which is often impossible. Regardless of my excuses, it ha been determined for me that it just won’t work. Another thing to mention is my exercise routine. Since beginning a new job with an ever-changing schedule, it has been difficult to get to the gym. Once again, regardless of my excuses, the gym has been neglected since mid December. My first day back on the exercise wagon was this past Monday and it felt remarkable. Although I was sore, it was fun to get back into that again. Hopefully my schedule will settle down and I’ll be able to plan exercise days but until then, I squeeze them in when I can.

In spite of not being able to maintain a consistent 16:8 eating schedule, I have been doing something of that on fasting days. I’ll explain. Monday is my first fast day of the week so I eat nothing from Sunday dinner until Monday dinner. With the exception of my black coffee, nothing but water is consumed until dinnertime.

Now on to the previous fasting day menu. Brekky consisted of 2C black coffee (10cal). Dinner was a wonderful 4oz piece of grilled chicken (123cal), 300g steamed broccoli (105cal), 85g mixed baby greens (20cal), 100g Roma tomato (18cal), 40g crumbled feta (85cal) and 2T salad dressing (25cal). With dinner only consisting of 376 kcal, my entire day was just 386 kcal. Have a look below at this feast. I can’t imaging having to eat more.


Thank you all for stopping by to read my ramblings. I hope they inspire and encourage you.


Week 39 Ending

Hi all and welcome to Thursday.

Well, I took Juliana’s advice and ate more food 😉 I haven’t been dropping down my caloric intake for any other reason than simply not being too hungry but what she said makes sense. I certainly don’t want my metabolism to slow down any more than it already has.

Despite not losing weight, I continue to enjoy my calorie restricted days. Thinking about it, doing this 5:2 is easy. The reality is that I only skip breakfast and lunch on Mondays and Thursdays. Looking at 5:2 from that vantage point, any severity is omitted.

This morning I drank my usual 2C black coffee (10cal). For dinner, I made a delightful soup made from red lentils. Having rinsed the lentils, I placed them in a pot, with water, to cook. In a separate pan, I dry toasted whole cumin, mustard and fennel seeds. To that was added a diced onion, which I sauteed, adding a splash of water so as not to burn. When the onion was half cooked, I added curry powder to the mixture and let those flavours all combine and enhance. This delicious spiced onion mixture was added to the cooking lentils, along with some shredded carrot. I added more water to make it a soup consistency then seasoned with salt. All in all, it was pretty good. A bowlful (almost 500mL) was only 198 calories. I had three bowls; two at dinner and one a couple hours later. My total caloric intake was a wee bit over my suggested 500-600 kcal range (604kcal) but I live dangerously. hahaha

Thank you all for liking and commenting. It sure is nice to know that I’m not in this alone.

Cheers and have a great weekend.


Week 39 – First Fasting Day

So it’s not really my first fasting day, but it is for the week. This is an amazing thing; I am finding myself not hungry on the fasting days of late. I knew I should eat but wasn’t hungry. There was my usual morning 2C black coffee (10cal), however, by dinner there was no desire for food. Strange. I ended up eating (110 calories) worth of garlic stuffed olives and (20 cal) worth of giardiniera veggies. I was fine after that little evening snack. My total intake for the day was 140 kcal.

By the way, my fasting day was on Monday but I had no time to post.


Happy New Year!!

Hello all. This is the end of my thirty-eighth week of fasting. It marks a special time, in that this week not only included the last fasting day of 2013 but the first fasting day of 2014. Thirsty eight weeks, in retrospect, doesn’t seem like all that long ago; I mean, it was only last spring when I watched the Horizon programme and began this way of life.
When I began, I was exercising five days a week and the weight was rolling off. However, as of late I have not been able to get to the gym. I know this is just an excuse but please bear with me. Having just begun a new job, I have yet to get a permanent (regular) schedule. Yes, another excuse but I am actually missing the work outs.

I still have not weighed myself yet and I might not for a little while longer. I simply want to focus on the fasting days without the emotional upheaval of gaining or losing weight.

Speaking of fasting days, Monday 30 December went a little something like this. Brekky, was 2C black coffee (10). It is amazing that even though I work in the food industry, I am able to fast while amongst all sorts of food. Amazing. Dinner Was a huge pile of steamed veg: 300g steamed broccoli (105), 320g steamed cabbage (74) and 350g cooked beets (154). After finishing the broccoli and about half the beets, I was full, so I stopped eating. However, as I have found, veg full doesn’t seem to last too long and a couple hours later, I wanted to finish my plate. Since there was only 342 calories consumed, I decided to heat up a can of soup (230) and throw in the remaining veg. That was fantastic. The total caloric intake was 572 kcal.

Today was my second fasting day. It began with 1C black coffee (5). Dinner consisted of a nice salad. 75g mixed greens (18), 50g cherry tomatoes (9), 100g mini sweet peppers (31), 105g diced beets (46), tossed in 2T salad dressing (25). All this was topped with 85g crumbled feta cheese (180) and 100g sliced roast beef (201). It was quite filling and ended the day with 515 kcals consumed.

Cheers and happy fasting. 🙂


Week Thirty-Seven – Done

Hi all,

Well, here I sit; it’s 19:00 and I’m not even hungry. Not sure why but since I’m not hungry, I’m not going to eat. I did have 2C of coffee with 2T half & half (50cal) this morning but beyond that, I’m done for the day. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I had plenty to eat for Christmas, not certain. I didn’t eat until I was stuffed but I didn’t skimp on the amount either.

Other than that, there is not much to say. I’ll take a shower and get to bed early.



Week Thirty-Seven Fasting Day & Weight Resolution

I love this time of year but I think I’ll love it even more having some control over my eating.

There is so much food to prep today for my open house tonight. There’s two flavours of Hummus, deviled eggs, a meat and cheese platter, teriyaki meatballs, just to name a few. My mouth is watering just thinking about tall the yummy food.

Speaking of yummy food, yesterday’s fast went swimmingly. The day began with 2C coffee with 2T half & half (50cal). It was sometime after noon that I decided to have a little munch on about 28g of deli turkey (25cal). At dinner, there were guests and I prepared Tri-tip beef roast with baked squash. DELICIOUS! 150g of beef (302cal) and 150g squash (99cal), was had. I made about 2T of mixed sour cream/barbeque sauce/worcestershire sauce as a dipping sauce (70cal) to eat with the meat. All in all, it was a lovely dinner. This gave me a daily total of 546 kcal.

Besides having more control over what will and won’t be eaten during the holiday, I have decided not to weigh in until after the New Year. I find that my mood is too swayed by those results, so what better way to avoid them. 🙂

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good fasting day.