Forty-Five Weeks Done…I’m Still Learning

Sometimes life teaches us lessons that appear to be counter intuitive. For instance, take weight loss. It should be a simple formula: eat less food (reduce caloric intake) = a reduction in weight. There seems to be a caveat in this formula. If you reduce your food intake too much, you will lose weight but it will cease before you’d like it to. I have found this out through trial and error (and my friend Juliana). It seems as though my  body was going into ‘famine’ mode due to the fact that I was not eating enough. Who would have thought that I needed to eat more food in order to lose weight? This is exactly what has happened. On Tuesday, I weighed in at 134.4kg and that is a reduction of 860 grams, which I am quite happy about.

Speaking of eating more, my two previous menus were: Monday – I began with 2c black coffee (10cal). For dinner I splurged and ate two Lean Cuisines (250cal and 240cal). With still more calories needed, I ate a delightful salad; 85g baby greens (20cal), 150g red bell peppers (46cal), 115g sliced cucumber (14cal), and 1.5T salad dressing (19cal). This brought me to a grand total of 598 calories.

Today, Thursday, I had my usual 2C black coffee (10cal) for breakfast. I was quite hungry by dinnertime, so I opted for a heavier amount of protein. Dinner consisted of 358g broiled Tilapia filets (358cal) and 200g steamed broccoli/cauliflower mix (47cal). Being ~175 calories short, I needed more food. This called for dessert, which was 215g of Braeburn apple slices (112cal) and one Helado frozen Lime juice bar (60cal) for a grand total of 587 calories.

Hopefully my downhill trend will continue as I work this 5:2 as it is suppose to be worked.

Until next week, thank you for stopping by.


5 thoughts on “Forty-Five Weeks Done…I’m Still Learning

  1. Hi Bob, it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a comment for you. I’ve been enjoying your blog and cheering for you as I read your successes! The reason I’ve been a bit quiet is that I’ve had to put a stop to my 5/2 journey as I was diagnosed with bowel cancer which has spread to lots of other organs. I’m not allowed to lose any more weight. What a shock and a big change for me! I thought I was just a bit constipated from not drinking enough and fasting, no, I had a bowel obstruction that happened to be cancer. I’m just saying, don’t treat constipation as a light issue, if you haven’t had a movement in 2 days, start thinking about going to the dr. and insist on a scan! I ended up with a colostomy bag because they thought my bowel would burst. I’m having chemo treatment now and I’m so fortunate to live here in Australia where so much of our health facilities and treatments are subsidised. It’s all good! I’ve had to change my blog a bit because my life has changed so much! I’ll continue to enjoy your journey and hope that your downward trend continues! Regards Liz

    • Oh dear Liz so sorry to hear of your illness. Stay strong through it all and you will recover well and regain full health. Keep smiling.

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