The First Fasting Day

Well, everything was largely uneventful. I woke up yesterday morning, weighed myself and started thinking about all the food I would not be able to eat. I weighed in at 146.6Kg.

After running a few errands, I had my breakfast at about 11:00. The egg on buttered toast lasted about twenty bites, as I savoured each one. I tried to busy myself but it is amazing how much you think of something when you are denied that something. I was able to wait until 6:00 before having dinner. The salad, chicken and veggies did quite well at sating my appetite and I was good until bedtime. I had a bit of a headache when I went to sleep but awoke feeling fine.

For those of you wondering, I posted my fasting menu on the fourteenth.

So far so good. I’ll be weighing in every Monday and as I stated earlier, I’ll be doing my calorie reduction fasting days on Monday’s and Thursday’s.

Oh, I cooked my chicken breast with a bit of lemon pepper and seasoning salt; it was delicious.

That’s all I’ve got for now.



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